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Company Standards

Here at Tampa Mobile Notary Services we adhere to the standards of "Best Notary Practices" as per the National Notary Association (NNA) guidelines.  See Credentials below. 

A Notary signing agent is a Notary who is specially trained to handle and notarize loan documents. For lenders, Notary signing agents are the critical final link to complete the loan. A Notary signing agent is hired as an independent contractor to ensure that real estate loan documents are executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing on time. Completing this critical part of the loan process enables the loan to be funded.

Credit to the NNA for explanation. Excerpt from NNA Website.

The notary public commission is a gubernatorial appointment. Not everyone can be a Notary. Notary public are public officers appointed and commissioned by the Governor. They are not
licensed; They are appointed. An appointment is a privilege, not a right. To become a notary you will have a background check completed by the state, and you are required to take the state exam. Also you will need to have a statement of character from some who has known you for at least 1 year. Once you have that you will need to acquire you stamp, Bond, insurance and certificate through an approved vendor. You cannot have any Felonies that have not been dismissed or any misdemeanors that involve domestic violence.  For more information please click the button below.

The National Notary Association Notary Essentials Certificate shows that you have surpassed the requirements that gives you the know how and expertise a notary needs to confidently perform the most common notarial acts in their state with ease and accuracy. This is not a mandatory training item for Florida but should be taken by those serious about the Notary trade and doing the best job possible. This course takes you through real life settings that a notary would deal with on a daily basis. The knowledge gained by this course will prepare you for notary actions and you will be confident performing your duties.